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What hampers fulfilling New Year's Resolutions?

(William Smith: 4 August 2014)

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect and re-energise on the opportunities for all of us to grow and achieve more during the following twelve months. It forms an essential part of realising our potential, more so because through this process ... Read More


(William Smith: 12 August 2015)

I saw this image posted on social media this morning and it made me think of a passage they say has been written by Wolfgang von Goethe – although there is much discussion on whether he actually did write it, or whether it is a very free translation of a passage out of Faust.  Another argument claims that it originated from text by W. H. Murray in The Scottish Himalaya Expedition, 1951.  Whichever, the message sticks with me ... Read More

You are unique ... don't get confused

(William Smith: 19 August 2015)

You ARE unique, so are your goals and achievements! Often we forget about this uniqueness and we start measuring ... Read More

Push the Limit

(William Smith: 5 September 2015)

As children we push the limit with our parents, teachers, any and even friends to determine the limits of our playing fields ... Read More

Executives, you are overlooking a threat!

(William Smith - 16 May 2016)

My friends please note this: Out of 100 customers, only 4 will complain; 96 will just go away.  Of these, 91% will just not return … ever! Customers who encounter positive social ... Read More